Steven was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico to Puerto Rican parents, Irina and Orlando Aubain. He began singing at the age of two during a presentation with his mother in a Christian ministry, Hogares Crea in Carolina, Puerto Rico. 


  Ever since he gave himself to the Lord Jesus Christ, he always knew that God had a specific plan for him. From an early age, he felt in his heart the desire to travel and be a Missionary, preaching the gospel to the lost. 

  In 2016, he received his Bachelor of Divinity from River University and graduated as a Minister and Evangelist with the Ministerial Association of Revival Ministries International. Since then he began to travel to different countries of the world and in the North America preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and has seen thousands of lives being transformed by the power of God.


  From 2016-2020, he had the privilege of teaching theology at the same university where he graduated and was also the praise and worship leader for The River Church's Hispanic Ministry with Pastors Rodney and Adonica Howard Browne.


  In 2017, he released his first album titled ”YO IRE” (I will go) produced by Lannie Battistini, Latin Grammy-winning producer and arranger. Currently, he continues to write, record music and release original songs with the purpose of continuing to share the Gospel to all nations.

"Steven tiene un don vocal extraordinario. Este Canta Autor es ungido por Dios y contesta su llamado de ir por todo el mundo…"

-Lannie Battistini, Producer

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